How can i lock apps on my Tecno Phone ? Tecno App Lock Setting

How can i lock apps on my Tecno Phone ? Tecno App Lock Setting

Guys if you also use Tecno Phone, today's article can be quite special for you. Today we will learn How to lock apps in Tecno Mobile ? If you use phone of Realme, Vivo,Oppo or Mi then App Lock in them is quite easy. But quite differently in Tecno Mobile you can Lock App.

Some people don't know how to Lock App. But If Your Also Question Is About How can i lock apps on my Tecno Phone. Then Must Read This Post till end. Because here I will tell you the easiest way to Lock App.

How can i lock apps on my Tecno Phone ? Tecno App Lock Setting

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How can I Lock apps on my Tecno phone ? Tecno App Lock Setting

When you go to lock apps in Tecno Phone it takes you a long time to access that setting. Some Tecno User then also assume that their phone has App Lock Setting not only. But that's not exactly. Now obviously it's not that easy to find these settings even if you Maintain your Privacy through App Lock Setting. Every single smartphone has this setting in different places. But if you use Tecno Phone and want to know How to Set App Lock in Tecno Mobile. So read the coming words carefully and follow the steps mentioned.

App Lock Setting

Here even if you have any Tecno Phone, in all... you have to follow the same process.

 [1]  Go to Phone's Settings.

For this first you go to your Tecno Phone's Settings. And click on Security option on the page with settings.

How to lock apps in tecno phone

 [2]  Get App Lock Setting.

Now click on the App Lock option after scrolling down to the next page. Set your App Lock Now... Confirm again and Save.

App lock setting

 [3]  Choose Apps to Lock.

Now the next page will come in front of you on which all the installed apps will be visible in your phone. Choose apps to be locked out of them.

How to set app lock in tecno

Your selected apps are now locked. Here you can also be asked a security question. It is used when you forget your App Lock.

What is App Lock ?

App Lock acts as a lock for any app in a way. If you do not have the key to this lock, that is, you do not know that lock, then you cannot use that app. If you want, you can use it on all the apps on your phone.

Benefits of Locking Apps

[1] - By Apps Lock, you can maintain the privacy of any app.

[2] - After locking Apps, no other person is able to use that app, only someone who knows the lock will be able to use those apps.

[3] -  You can apply App Lock on any app on your phone or on all apps, so that all the data of your phone is protected.

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